About Catalyst's Acting Tutor Sarah Bleasdale

Sarah Bleasdale

Tutor, Acting

Sarah Bleasdale is a New Zealand born choreographer and performer, currently based in Berlin. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance and Choreography, a Commercial Dance Diploma, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Religious Studies.  In 2016 Sarah was an award winner at the International Solo Dance Competition at Gdansk Festival Dansa for her choreography and performance of SMIRK

In 2019 she was granted a premiere by the festival to develop her first group work INNERMEN. Sarah has danced for Cie. Antonia Baehr(GER), SOIT/Cie.Hans Van den Broeck(BEL), Renan Martins(BEL/BR), PROJECTion Dance(AUS) and Demestri+Lefeurve(FR/BEL) amongst others.

In Berlin Sarah dances with GAU Company on various works including the premiere of Die Realisierten at Kemptener TANZherbst. Commercially, Sarah performs as a drag king and comedic Burlesque entertainer under the persona ‘Miss Phoenix Rising’ in London, Brussels, and Berlin. Sarah currently collaborates with the Belgian Theatre Group UBIK  as choreographer/director for their work ‘Fas 3’.