Juli Saragosa

Certificate Lead, Film Production

Juli Saragosa is a transnational interdisciplinary artist and sound designer who embraces contradictions in everyday life and practice. From a young age, she was determined to become an artist and technical experimenter, fuelled by her immigrant family’s resourceful upbringing. From home photography darkroom to film school, Juli’s career as a filmmaker began thanks to a twist of fate.

With a rich musical skill set, she went on to work in the film industry as a sound editor. Juli has also made numerous award-winning short experimental films that have been shown in festivals in Milan, London, L.A., Chicago, Berlin, Vancouver, Toronto and New York. Though she enjoys collaboration and interdisciplinary practice, her first love will always be DIY filmmaking.

Juli’s repertoire extends to curation and education - as a grassroots organizer, workshop leader and teacher. Juli joined the Catalyst film team in 2016. She now works as our film sound tutor and acts as an advisor to first-year Film Production students. 

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