Ideate and deliver scripts that transcend

Develop the core writing skills, screenwriting techniques and tools required to ideate and generate compelling scripts and narratives for the film, television and media industries.

Hone your skills as a scriptwriter and a versatile storyteller as you learn to create, adapt and deliver engaging narratives for a variety of storytelling formats and genres that meet the growing demands of the traditional and contemporary media industries. See your scripts and characters come to life in film, television, documentaries, games, animations, social media and new emerging media formats.

At Catalyst, you’ll learn by doing in a Writers’ Room environment. You’ll be working hands-on, developing your own ideas and narratives, as well as exchanging and brainstorming with other creatives.

Embed yourself into the creative production process and gain valuable experience by working in close collaboration with our film production, acting, music and visual effects students to bring your narratives to life in our world-class film and music productions studios at Funkhaus. 

Certificate & Bachelor Degree Courses

Our courses focus on 'hands on' reflective practice, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.

Length: 1 Year
Start: September 2023
Define your writing style as develop the essential storytelling techniques and scriptwriting tools needed to build narratives for film, television and other media formats.

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Length: 3 Years
Start: September 2023
Define your voice as a creative writer. Develop the storytelling tools and script-writing techniques required to build a rewarding career as a screenwriter for the film, television and new media industries. 

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The future of storytelling

The growing need for professional scriptwriters in the commercial, arts and entertainment sectors is expanding rapidly alongside the social media, film, gaming and TV industries. From scene construction to character building, screenwriting specialists are challenged to find innovative ways to build narratives and engage new audiences. 

Our screenwriting programme responds directly to the increasing demands for writing specialists and storytellers across the film and media landscapes. This could be anything from a short story for social media to a feature film or a multiple-episode format for an on-demand tv-series. 

As new spheres emerge and advanced technologies bring about new medias, the role of the storyteller is expanding to exciting new areas. For screenwriters, it will be more important than ever to understand the role of storytelling in the digital media realm. On this course, the ethical and theoretical implications of scriptwriting are considered throughout the production of interactive stories, development of social media content and creation of audio-visual narratives. 

By gaining a thorough understanding of how different screenwriting approaches impact the field of audiovisual storytelling, you will be able to ride the wave of any shifting media format and technological development that comes your way.

A safe space to dream big

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Build a life you love

Our Screenwriting programme is designed for creatives who wish to enter the world of screenwriting, as well as for those directors, producers and filmmakers who wish to extend their capabilities and broaden their practice as storytellers. 

At Catalyst, the traditional solitary life of the writer is spiced up through our Writers’ Room environment. Bring out the best of yourself and others by working alongside other creative practitioners and visionaries to make big ideas come to life and to create stories that reflect your world and shape the ones you wish to live in. 

Dive into new and exciting projects within TV, film, games, and animation, where you'll learn how to effectively steer individual and collaborative projects in a creative team setting. Gain the guidance and support needed from your peers and tutors to excel on any writing project you encounter throughout your screenwriting career. 

At Catalyst you'll be working alongside a growing community of budding creatives and building an expansive network of future collaborators and fellow storytelling professionals.

You should be interested in some or all of the following:-

  • Learning by doing and gaining hands-on experience applicable to real-life work
  • Stories - of all genres and formats!
  • Reading and reflecting on what makes a compelling story
  • Watching films, series and all types of audiovisual storytelling
  • Learning how to work in a Writer's Room environment
  • Understanding how narratives, show scripts and characters are created
  • The creative process behind audiovisual productions
  • Feeling positively challenged and inspired through creative project briefs
  • Understanding the impact of narratives in any medium 
  • Connecting professionally with the filmmaking and media industries 
  • Building a comprehensive knowledge of industry standard tools and techniques
  • Building a career in the international film, media, gaming and wider creative industries
  • Joining a progressive learning community supported by a dedicated team of experienced facilitators
  • Living and working in Berlin, the most exciting city on the planet for collaboration
  • Collaborating with a community of like minded people from over 70 different countries
Visual Effects - Green Screen Room - VFX
Project-based learning

You won’t find any “traditional” classrooms, homework, lectures or tests here. Instead, from day one, you’ll be working on a broad range of projects in tandem with other motivated creatives and tasked with producing and delivering sound and music solutions under challenging creative, technical and logistical constraints.

Film Production class in Fabrik classrooms at Catalyst in Funkhaus.
A bedrock of support

It might be harder than it sounds but don’t worry - we’re here for you. You’ll be supported by our staff of industry professional tutors running hands-on workshops on everything from mic technique to mix engineering to mastering and much more. You’ll also play, listen and critique your work and the work of others in our listening workshops.