Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering

Become a sonic artisan and a creative audio visionary

Playing the studio

Develop comprehensive knowledge of practical tools, technical and creative techniques, industry know how, critical analysis and the human attributes required to pursue a rewarding and successful career in the sound and audio industries. Our expert learning experiences cover sound engineering, music and audio production, mastering, sound design, and a wide range of other activities within the wider music, film, and media industries.

Learn to see the studio as your musical instrument. As a sound engineer you'll ‘play that instrument’ to craft and capture the purest essence of the original performance. As a producer you'll become the creative visionary and project manager who takes ideas from their birthplace in the imagination of the artist, band or composer, steadies the ship where needed and helps transform them into a sublime, tangible, sonic reality. As a contemporary studio based composer you'll take all of these roles and meld them into something unique. A kind of sonic alchemy and a growth area for the creative audio production world.

The beauty in every sound

Be challenged with innovative, real life scenarios, impossible to answer questions and new ideas that stretch your mind and open up whole new worlds. Strengthen your craft and broaden your experience as you develop your approach to audio production and your own unique sound.

Build an original portfolio with opportunities to produce records for artists, bands and composers whilst working in historically vintage studios, writing and recording film scores, mixing for cutting edge electronic artists and much much more.

Bring out the best in others, find the beauty in every sound and channel your own creative voice in search of the next big thing in the world of audio production and sound engineering.

Certificate, Bachelors & Masters Degree Courses

Our flagship courses focus on 'hands on' reflective practice, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.

Length: 1 Year
Start: 13.09.2021
Application by: 30 June
Fees: From 975€/month

Our flagship Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering Certificate is a focused and innovative course that focuses on learning by doing. Using challenging real-life scenarios you will develop industry standard tools, technical know how and the essential techniques required to record, mix, produce and master music for yourself or others whilst you build a sound engineer or music producer portfolio.

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Length: 3 Years
Start: 13.09.2021
Application by: 30 June
Fees: From 975€/month

Our flagship Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering Bachelor Degree (BA Hons) is a profound focussed and innovative 3 year course that focuses on learning by doing. Using challenging real-life scenarios you will develop all of the industry standard tools, technical know how and essential techniques required to record, mix, produce and master music whilst you build a sound engineer or music producer portfolio and your own unique profile.

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Length: 1 Year Full Time/ 2 Year Part Time
Start: 13.09.2021
Application by: 30 June
Fees: From 975€/month

Celebrate, explore, develop, innovate and magnify your capabilities as a music producer, a sound engineer, a practising electronic music artist, a performer, a composer, a sonic artist or artistic practitioners from other fields whilst building and enhancing an artistic and creative industry profile.

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Short Courses

Whether you’re deep into sound engineering, love watching and recording live musicians, curious about sound exploration and music technologies or obsessed with trying to achieve the perfectly balanced mix down, you’ll find fresh inspiration whilst developing a range of new skills in our intensive and specialised courses.

Level: Beginners
Course length: 4 weeks
Dates: 21.06.2021 - 17.07.2021
Application by: 31 May

This brand new 4-week Studio Recording beginners course has been designed for budding sound engineers eager to learn the fundamentals of recording and producing bands, soloists or electronic artists in a professional studio environment.

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Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Course length: 4 weeks
Dates: 19.07.2021 - 14.08.2021
Application by: 30 June

Our 4-week Mixing and Mastering course is designed for audio engineers and producers who are seeking to advance their creative and technical approach to refining and finishing creative work. You are already familiar with the recording and/or production process but your mixes might lack the depth, clarity or warmth found in a professionally released track. Engage with the tools, techniques and thinking behind a well balanced, professional finished product and apply your knowledge in both commercial and home studio environments.

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For those wishing to join our main programmes, but lacking either practical experience in electronic music production or the formal education requirements to apply through standard entry, we offer an additional primer workshop to run alongside the 4 week studio recording course. It covers writing skills, reading, structuring arguments, debate and understanding context. The course utilises task and project based learning methodology to ensure that you’re prepared and ready for our longer HE Certificate or Bachelor Degree level programmes.

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Catalyst Berlin Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student Alonso Boniche recording a live Studio Session by electronica duo Otari
Learn by doing

You won’t find any “traditional” classrooms, homework, lectures or tests here. Instead, from day one, you’ll be put in a group with other motivated creatives just like you and tasked with producing electronic music under challenging creative, technical and logistical constraints. Make music, and make it your way. It’s harder than it sounds.

Brian Greene and his Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering students | Catalyst Berlin
A bedrock of support

It might be harder than it sounds but don’t worry - we’re here for you. You’ll be supported by our staff of industry professional tutors running hands-on workshops on everything from mic technique to mix engineering to mastering and much more. You’ll also play, listen and critique your work and the work of others in our listening workshops.

Creative Audio Production and Sound Engineering - Taster Workshops at Catalyst
Experience it for yourself

As an extension to our Virtual Open Days, our music school is hosting a series of free online workshops to give you a taste of what it's like to study with us.

Creative Production M.A Project Proposal Workshops 2021
Let us support you

Not sure how to approach your project proposal for our M.A degree programme in Creative Production. Let us shed some extra light with these online support sessions.

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You should be interested in some or all of the following:-

  • Establishing your own distinct and creative approach to sound engineering and music production
  • Developing new and innovative audio production methodologies
  • Providing sound engineering expertise to support studio recordings
  • Developing finely honed listening skills
  • Providing well informed creative input to a track, song, album, composition for film etc
  • Enhancing recordings with high level mastering techniques
  • Building a comprehensive knowledge of industry standard tools and techniques
  • Building a career in the international music, film or gaming industries
  • Learning by doing and gaining hands-on experience applicable to real-life work
  • Joining a progressive learning community supported by a dedicated team of experienced facilitators
  • Living and working in Berlin, the most exciting city on the planet for music makers
  • Collaborating with a community of like minded people from 55 different countries
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Whatever your definition of success, there are a range of tools, skills, attributes and habits which significantly increase your chances of achieving that success. These skills and attributes are the building blocks that help turn a talented, hardworking human being into a genuinely successful one. When we talk about success at Catalyst we are talking about it in the widest possible sense. It may or may not include a financial or a fame element depending on your own personal goals. It must include the importance of also feeling content or happy.

Here are some examples of the qualities we help you develop:-

  • A well developed creative muscle
  • Comfort with failure and vulnerability
  • Building tenacity, grit and resilience
  • Personal leadership
  • Growing and developing an entrepreneurial approach
  • Learning to lead people and projects
  • Understanding the benefits of taking risk
  • Enhancing your communication and collaborative skills
  • Embedding innovation techniques in your daily practice
  • Understanding the importance of developing the 'whole' person

Much of this learning is deeply embedded in the projects you complete for your course. Much of the time you may not even be consciously aware you are in the process of developing these skills.


Our tutors

Our courses are designed with input from numerous experienced members of the British Music Industry. They are taught by an international team of permanent tutors and visiting music industry professionals.