Musical showcases from our second-year Acting students

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Our second-year Acting BA students showcase their talents for bringing productions to life, both on stage and behind the scenes, in two upcoming musicals.

To round off this year's first semester, we will have six performances of two shows by our second-year Acting students. The side-splittingly funny (and free to attend!) musicals will be performed in our new theatre, here at Funkhaus.

Group A will perform the original piece “The Extravagant Flauntings of Marie Antoinette” on Thursday 7, Saturday 9 & Thursday 14 December, while Group B performs a modern adaptation of Molière’s classic “Tartuffe, the Imposter” on Friday 8, Wednesday 13 & Saturday 16 December. Grab your tickets on Eventbrite before they’re gone!

Tartuffe, the Imposter

Orgon, patriarch of the filthy rich Pernelle family, has been convinced by his questionable guru Tartuffe to let him marry his daughter Mariane. Shocked and worried for their money, the rest of the family step in. Son Damis, stepmother Elmire and maid Dorine plot to have Mariane marry her lover Valère instead. This musical comedy, directed by Acting Programme Lead Adam Donald Ferreira, is a sexy, wild, extravagant and undeniably hilarious adaptation of Molière’s classic play.

First written in 1664, this show promises a new take on Molière. Retranslation of an original set in the 90s, this musical explores the impacts of sexism, capitalism and the ever-widening wealth gap. The comedy tackles these age-old issues with wit, humour and class.

Check out the Instagram and get the last-remaining tickets over on Eventbrite for the performances on Wednesday 13 or Saturday 16 December.

“In the original, Tartuffe is Christian, in ours he’s a new age spiritual guru type. We’re also doing a comment on the wealth gap by making this family filthy rich – wealth in excess. Hilarious show, don’t miss this barrel of laughs.”
– Adam Donald Ferreira


Tartuffe – Rodrigo Herrera
Dorine – Joy Cideciyan
Elmire – Antra Salmgrieze
Orgon – Felix Jakob Mangold
Mariane – Aleksandra Tutaj
Valère – Harvey Thorn
Damis – Elena Stoll
Madame Pernelle – Catinca Baldovin
Madame Loyal – Dariia Gaycheva


Director – Adam Donald Ferreira
Choreography – Sarah Bleasdale
Musical Director – Joshua Spriggs
Make-up design – Catinca Baldovin 
Assistant director – Catinca Baldovin 
Costume design – Aleksandra Tautaj, Joy Cideciyan 
Set design and construction – Antra Salmgrieze, Elena Stoll, Felix Mangold
Photography art direction – Catinca Baldovin, Joy Cideciyan
Props – Dariia Gaycheva, Rodrigo Herrera 
Marketing – Elena Stoll, Felix Mangold, Aleksandra Tutaj, Antra Salmgrieze 
Opening night management - Everyone

The Extravagant Flauntings of Marie Antoinette

Step into a delirious universe. This musical explores things heating up throughout Versailles, while Marie Antoinette’s bed remains cold. The production is done through the lens of Michael Chekhov and his “psycho-physical” approach to acting. Chekhov’s technique seeks to ground emotion through physical gestures, a process specifically outlined in Chekhov’s five guiding principles.

That means you can expect the performances to be as extravagant as the name of the play. An original piece, written by GALSCO (The Great American Laughing Stock Company) and directed by GALSCO member and Acting Programme Lead Adam Donald Ferreira. Come to see ten actors play 15 roles. And yes, cake will definitely be eaten.

Check out the Instagram. Tickets on Eventbrite are now sold out.

“The universe we have made is very camp and the mixed roles lean into this idea. It’s the first time we are using musicals as a form of storytelling and the experience has challenged my assumptions about what a musical is and can achieve.”
– Marla Xaviera

Marie Antoinette – Marla Xaviera
King Louis (young)/ Olive – Moke Mowatt
King Louis (old) – Ido Raphael
Queen Marguad – Nino Ananiashvili
Valentina the Balerina/ Faguetta – Maya Balazs
Count Bisous/ Pompom – Ilja van Ravels
Hortensia – Aisha Kalymzhanova
Latitia/ Chef Gordon Blue – Lara Peer
The Cardinal – Axel Vera
Giovanni Battista Viotti – Joshua Spriggs


Directing – Adam Donald Ferreira
Choreography – Sarah Bleasdale
Music – Joshua Spriggs
Make-up design – Ilja van Ravels
Costume – Ilja van Ravels & Aisha Kalymzhanova
Set design and construction – Lara Peer & Axel Vera
Photography art direction – Maya Balazs
Marketing – Marla Xaviera
Opening night management – Nino Ananiashvili & Moke Mowatt

“It’s an original and not what you expect from this historical period. It’s mischievous, a bit naughty, a bit cheeky. She’s frivolous come for a good time and have a laugh. It’s just ridiculously funny.”
– Adam Donald Ferreira

To bring these pieces of theatre to life, our budding actors form a company. As well as taking on one (or more!) acting roles, each student also takes on a production role. Set design, make-up, marketing and fundraising is all part of the graft the students have undertaken. Don’t miss the inaugural productions in Catalyst’s brand-new theatre!

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