Go Behind the Scenes of our Film Production Students’ Year 1 Films in These Videos

Posted on 2019-08-12T22:00:00+0000 in Student work

Our first-year Film Production students were tasked to cover the behind the scenes of their filmmaking projects in collaboration with our Screen Acting students. 

Creativity needs fuel – and lots of it. Those infinite ideas pinballing through your mind won’t explore themselves. Finally achieve that goal you’ve worked your ass off for and it’s on to something else. Coffee helps, but when was the last time you slowed down to look back? Whether it’s sizzling in a deck chair or indulging in a holiday romance with Netflix, periods of rest are paramount or, inevitably, creativity will burn out. Now that this whirlwind of a school year has ended, there is no better time to pause and take stock of our achievements and our failures; to simultaneously measure growth and growing room.

Thrown into the filmmaking deep end from the get-go, our first-year Film Production students learnt to swim by creating and collaborating on as many short films as they could – 20 to be exact! By simply doing it, spurred on by the dedicated guidance of our expert tutors, they quickly got to grips with every position on the film crew. While producing their mid-term films, they were also tasked with filming their classmates’ behind-the-scenes videos. The result is not only a documentation of evolving narratives and techniques, but our star students’ meteoric development as filmmakers. Class of 2018/19, we salute you!

Join us as we look back on their captivating behind-the-scenes videos below.


Pavlos Halaris

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Fire Escape

Jayden Bailey

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What Music’s For

Jur Kunaver

Shadow of the Sun

Kamilija Teklė Čižaitė

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¿Donde Estan Mis Petunias?

Agostina Cerdan Niell

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Watch these videos as a showcase here. Follow us on Vimeo for more. Header image by Film Production alumnus Matthias Neumeister.