Brea Robertson

Tutor, Acting

Want to express your unique voice as an actor? Then it’s time to get those vocal chords strumming. As a globetrotting singer and actor with a background in applied theatre, Brea Robertson is an expert in applying the voice as a powerful creative instrument – and, moreover, moving audiences. She promises to connect you to this essential acting tool, helping you to gain confidence, overcome fears and get excited about treading your own path as an artist.

Brea has spent years travelling around Europe with her music, as well as working with children and teens in schools, using theatre and music to help them learn English. Previously, in Australia, Brea has also facilitated theatre projects in prisons and with minority groups. 

“I could see that the environment at Catalyst was one that endeavours to foster upcoming artists – not break them – which is something I experienced in my creative course.” The major reason that Brea joined Catalyst in 2021 is that “it's an incredibly beautiful creative community to be a part of!”

When she’s not at Catalyst, the stage-performance fanatic can be found singing with her indie folk duo Flora Falls, hosting costume parties, or finding new tasks to constantly fill her time with. She loves to be busy – nearly as much as she relishes big, juicy Australian mangoes!