Discover Our Screen Acting Programme in These Videos

Posted on 2020-04-19T22:00:00+0000 in Catalyst

Thinking about studying our action-packed acting programme? From course structure to the student learning experience, find out more in these three short videos.

Are you ready to shine on the big screen? To appear in as many projects as humanly possible in only your first year? To rapidly expand your range, elevate your showreel and become truly captivating? Our action-packed Screen Acting courses are perfect for aspiring film stars who want to probe into every corner of this dynamic profession.

Our Higher Education Certificate and Bachelor Degree programmes are all about learning by doing. Performing in multiple film productions every week, you’ll rapidly gain contemporary acting experience and grow a diverse portfolio. All the while, you’ll learn how to adeptly master your emotions, professionally train your body and voice, and confidently collaborate with a film team.

Most importantly, you’ll understand the why behind everything you do, preparing you to pursue a rewarding and successful career in the industry.

And action! Learn more about the three-pronged structure of our courses, what sets Catalyst apart from traditional drama schools, and the student experience in the following videos.

Curious about our Screen Acting programme?

Programme lead Adam Donald breaks down the three-pronged structure of our hands-on courses – from camera acting to live performance to voice training.

Studying Screen Acting at Catalyst

What sets our Screen Acting programme apart from traditional drama schools? Tutors Ariane Mason and Cavana Hazelton explain our all-encompassing approach to acting training and how it prepares students to go straight into the industry.

Screen Acting students share their experience

Learn from students Edan Rowett and Shanice Trustfull why our project-based programme and diverse community has helped their inner artist to grow and flourish.

Want to check out the course specifics? Click here to head to the one-year HE Certificate course page and here for the three-year Bachelor degree course page.